The Trauma Healing Process

Transformative podcast episodes that guide you on a journey of healing

A Childhood Trauma Survivor’s Guide to Healing

In this episode,  I share insights and practical guidance for navigating the complexities of healing from childhood trauma... show  more

What Helps Survivors Feel Supported After Disclosing Childhood Trauma?

In this episode, I talk about how to authentically and sensitively respond when a childhood trauma survivor discloses their experiences to you... show  more

Why You Feel Bad When Nothing's Wrong (And What To Do About It)

In this episode, I’ll share what’s likely causing this, why it’s important to understand it, and how to navigate through it... show  more

Increased Negative Thoughts in Trauma Healing - What does it mean and how to stop it

In this episode, I talk about an important thing to consider if you ever find yourself feeling this way and how noticing these thoughts can actually lead to incredible awareness and healing. It is, in fact, an imperative part of the healing process... show  more

Choosing to Disclose Childhood Trauma or Confronting an Abuser

In this episode, I share thoughts on things to consider (whether you think you want to disclose or not) and tips for navigating the experience. ... show  more

Understanding and Managing Triggers from Childhood Trauma

In this episode, I share my thoughts and suggestions on this and more. Hint: being triggered doesn’t always look how we think it might... show  more

Healing Childhood Trauma: Trusting the process when it seems unattainable

In this episode, I’ll share more on why and how this is so impactful and what it means to grieve all you deserved to have... show  more

Misdiagnosis in Childhood Trauma Survivors and its Effect on Healing

In this episode, I talk about the reason why, how misdiagnosis can happen, and it’s effect on the healing journey... show  more

Factors that Influence the Process of Healing from Childhood Trauma

In today’s episode I share the biggest factor in causing you to believe in this fear and a few things that influence a person’s capacity for healing... show  more

Our Search for Understanding on the Journey of Healing Childhood Trauma

In today’s episode, I share more on the importance of understanding how we, as survivors, use awareness and understanding for healing... show  more

Why Can’t I Heal Childhood Trauma on My Own?

As much as we might like it to be possible to heal on our own, there are many reasons it just doesn’t allow us to heal at a deep, core level... show  more

Healing Childhood Trauma Together Through Community

A personal message to all of you incredible, courageous humans. ❤️... show  more

Speaking Up - Ending the shame of sexual abuse/assault through vulnerable conversations

In today’s episode, I share my thoughts on their recent conversation on The Drew Barrymore Show and what it can mean for all of us as we continue to heal and reduce the shame and stigma of what it means to be a survivor... show  more

The power of language from professionals in helping or shaming survivors of trauma

The words, tone, and facial expressions used by professionals has a significant impact on whether we feel supported and understood or dismissed and even shamed... show  more

Times when you may not need a "trauma" therapist

In today’s episode, we discuss when a trauma therapist may not be necessary and explore alternative support for specific needs... show  more

Trauma Informed - What is it & is it enough to heal trauma?

In this episode, I share what it means to be trauma informed (hint... there is no standard for the term) and if it is sufficient for helping people heal trauma... show  more

Rebuilding Trust after Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma often involves experiences of betrayal, neglect, or abuse by trusted individuals. These traumatic experiences can shatter a child's trust in others making it incredibly challenging to build safe, healthy relationships.... show  more

Healing Childhood Trauma and Attachment Wounding

In today’s episode, I’ll share an example of how they can manifest on this healing journey and what happens when they’re not recognized as part of the overall healing process... show  more